Storm Stories

Storm Stories is a multimedia documentation project that follows the impacts of Hurricane Florence on real people’s lives.

The content is collaboratively created by professional journalists, community media makers, youth producers, and ordinary community members dedicated to documenting the impact of Florence on our region.

In the weeks after the storm, Narrative Arts funded the Resilience Media Fellowship program to advance regional media and storytelling projects like Storm Stories. Why? Policy often follows perception, and it’s crucial during the recovery process that policy and problem-solving incorporate our most vulnerable communities. In order for that to happen communities need a way to be heard.

Storm Stories takes you on a journey through regional issues of geography, race, identity, culture, economics, and politics. Florence left behind wrecked homes and did millions of dollars in damage but its ongoing consequences go beyond that. These consequences are complex and interconnected and reveal surprising things about our communities and about ourselves.

We can envision new and more just relationships and social structures by putting people in conversation with one another through story-sharing. By featuring community voices that tell their own stories in their own ways we’re building equity and coastal resilience.

Storm Stories is available for distribution for free through platforms like Public Radio Exchange. Visit our podcast page for updates.  Interested in working with us? Contact us at


Funding for Storm Stories is provided in part by: