Hire Narrative Arts

Narrative Arts is available to consult with foundations and nonprofits.

We can help you:

  • Develop a story-based and narrative communications strategy
  • Provide ongoing narrative strategy support to movements and grantee cohorts
  • Create and manage campaigns for social-change groups or movements
  • Produce a documentary or podcast for your campaign

We do this through:

  • organizing to build the grassroots power we need to challenge systemic inequities;
  • training in how to tell and deploy stories and narratives;
  • using technology to produce and disseminate those stories and narratives;
  • producing of compelling content to serve as model projects for the grassroots; and
  • networking to build power between and among social justice advocates and groups.

We have experience in:

  • public policy & public education campaigns 
  • rural development and rural arts
  • public narrative
  • racial and cultural equity
  • arts and social justice
  • youth media
  • dance and theater
  • story circles
  • storytelling skills 
  • narrative strategies
  • mobilizing supporters
  • cultural and place-based strategies

We’re available for short- or long-term projects and consultation. 

Please email info@narrativearts.org to discuss your needs or to arrange a free consultation by phone.