Mission and Approach

Narrative Arts is a non-partisan social justice organization dedicated to challenging injustice by empowering communities to address issues that affect their lives. We are narrative and story strategists, artists, and community organizers dedicated to advancing social justice and equity.

From our home base in Wilmington, North Carolina we work with grassroots groups, nonprofits, foundations, and communities to change the story on the most enduring social justice challenges of our time.  

Narrative Arts enlists the power of narrative to:

  • Support people’s efforts to achieve justice and equity and solve their own problems in their own ways;
  • Celebrate diversity in all its forms as a positive social value;
  • Build local, regional, national, and global movements towards these ends.

Narrative Arts provides:

  • organizing to build the grassroots power we need to challenge systemic inequities;
  • training in how to tell and deploy stories and narratives;
  • technology to produce and disseminate those stories and narratives;
  • production of compelling content to serve as model projects for the grassroots; and
  • networking to build power between and among social justice advocates and groups.

Our home and narrative lab is in Wilmington, North Carolina. Write to us at info@narrativearts.org if you want to talk.

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