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Weekly roundup: #HowAbnormal, Story forms, more!


UN Development Programme in Viet Nam has new video series that flips gender roles.

The United Nations Development Programme in Viet Nam has a series of new videos that flip gender roles. Marked by tongue-in-cheek humor, the videos show women getting drunk with friends and playing billiards, while their husbands care for the kids and go shopping. With the hashtag #HowAbnormal, the series urges viewers to consider “how abnormal” the so-called normal state of affairs is, with respect to gender roles.

How can you use fiction in your social-justice storytelling? In fiction, one can change the world with the stroke of a pen. You want a world where no one goes to sleep hungry every night? Write it. Using fiction for public good is the topic of a chapter in our new guide on “Storytelling and Social Change” — available as a downloadable PDF (sign-up required) or in an online magazine format.