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Weekly roundup: Climate change stories and more


From “Water Warriors,” by Storyline Media

Storyline media about water and more: Our friends at Storyline Media, an award-winning creative production studio focusing on social issues, has wrapped up an excellent year of work. Among their projects has been Water Warriors (pictured) a touring media production about “an unlikely alliance between an indigenous community and non-native locals [that] is challenging one of today’s most powerful forces: the oil and gas boom sweeping North America.”

Climate-change media: In the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Vince Stehle of Media Impact Funders writes that making media is a vital part of the effort to persuade citizens worldwide to make sure their leaders follow through on promises they made at the recent Paris conference on climate change.

Storytelling to show your purpose: In the Harvard Business Review, John Coleman talks about how to use storytelling to explain your company’s purpose. He’s writing for a mostly for-profit audience, but the lessons are drawn from the social-good sector, namely, Marshall Ganz’s “Public Narrative” framework, which is written about here in the new Narrative Arts guide on storytelling.