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Youth Voices of Hurricane Florence


Youth Voices of Hurricane Florence

Coastal Youth Media is gathering stories about Hurricane Florence and its impact on young people (ages 14-20) and their communities.

We’ve established a toll-free line participants can call to record their Florence stories. Here’s how it works. (1) Review the questions below. (2) Think about your answers and even talk through them a bit. (3) Call our phone-line (252-651-1838), listen to the message, and record..

Don’t worry if you make a mistake we will edit all the calls. Please respond to the questions below.

What is your name and how old are you? My name is…..

How did you first hear Florence was coming? What did you think?

What have you witnessed? What happened? What was the first thing that happened? What do you remember? What did it sound like? What did it feel like?

What are you concerned about now? What is happening in your community? Describe it so we can really picture what is happening. Is it flooded? Do your neighbors have electricity?

How have you and your family experienced Florence? What was the worst part? What was the best part?

What would you tell someone who could help? What would you suggest they do?

Do you have any creative solutions that could make it better for folks impacted by the hurricane?

What else should we know? Tell us whatever you think is important for people to know.

Thank you so much for sharing. We will be posting and sharing your stories on the Coastal Youth Media Facebook page