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$5 for better social-change stories — plus your weekly roundup!

new-guide-indiegogo-jpeg$5 FOR BETTER SOCIAL-CHANGE STORIES: Give us a five-spot and we’ll give you a high-five! Please consider chipping into the Indiegogo campaign for the second edition of our guide on “Storytelling and Social Change” — this time for nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and activists like you! This will be the best single free resource on the topic! For just $5 we’ll thank you on our “high five” wall of fame! Other levels of giving get you perks like thanks in the story guide, an advance print copy of the guide, or a story consultation. Thanks for your support, please give today!

VERY COOL VIDEO STORY: Via the Future of Storytelling blog… This video advertisement for Honda cars might be instructive for social-change media-makers. Let the video play uninterrupted and watch a man pick up his kids in the car on a sunny afternoon and give them a surprise. But hold down the “R” key on the keyboard and it’s that same man driving a robbery getaway car at night. Switch back and forth to see both stories. Could this kind of interactive video be an interesting way for social-change groups to dramatize different possible futures in health, education, human rights or another issue?

MUSEUMS INSPIRING CHANGE: Earlier this year, the American Alliance of Museums announced that its 2015 annual meeting theme would be “The Social Value of Museums: Inspiring Change,” and would take place April 26-29 in Atlanta. (That page also includes links to relevant books, articles and organizations.) The meeting website says session topics for 2015 will be announced this month.

SOUND IN STORIES: At the blog of the Center for Digital Storytelling, ruminations by Joel Knopf on the value of sound in setting a scene or mood in a given story. That can be music, sound effects and more. You may not have a big budget, but the piece offers a persuasive route to using sound on the cheap. The group has a workshop for $300 this November 22nd on “Exploring Sound and Story” in Berkeley, California.