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Your storytelling round-up for leaf-peeping season

MASTER NARRATIVES: In the video above, storytelling trainer Andy Goodman talks about the four “master narratives” in U.S. culture that any social-change advocate must deal with when trying to tell an alternate story.

SEVEN WAYS TO MAKE STORIES BETTER: Suzanne Skees, founder and director of the Skees Family Foundation, uses storytelling to support grantees’ work to end poverty worldwide; no wonder, as she has a background in journalism. In this interview and article, she gives her top tips on how to tell great stories, including “tell the WHOLE story” and “there’s no such thing as a great audience.”

TELL US ABOUT SUPERLATIVE NONPROFIT STORYTELLING: Narrative Arts’ managing director Paul VanDeCarr finished the “Storytelling Summer” series in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. His next series for the Chronicle, starting this month, highlights some of the best nonprofit storytelling happening today. Use this online form to tell us about an organization doing stellar storytelling for social change, and they may get featured in the series!