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Weekly roundup: Black List, myth-busting, art of change

THE BLACK LIST: Franklin Leonard, founder of The Black List, talks in this Future of StoryTelling video about remaking Hollywood into a place where content rules and diversity is rewarded.

MYTH-BUSTING: The Opportunity Agenda has a memo on “Telling an Affirmative Story: The Pitfalls of Myth-Busting,” which recommends against repeating a myth only to refute it — that only reinforces the “myth” in the public mind. Instead, focus on the truth and ignore the “myth” if you can. An example from the memo: “Instead of: Myth: Immigrants don’t pay taxes. Fact: All immigrants pay taxes, whether income, property, sales, or other. Try: Immigrants are significant contributors to our economy, both as consumers and taxpayers, through sales, property, income, and other taxes.”

THE ART OF CHANGE: A Ford Foundation initiative on the Art of Change asks fellows why support the arts when there’s still so much poverty in the world?  Among the answers: Erin Potts of RPM says, “When Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding in favor of the war effort, he simply replied: ‘Then what are we fighting for?’”