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Weekly roundup: Case studies, subject lines, more


Storytelling in action! The case studies from the first edition of our storytelling guide are now available online! Scroll to the bottom of this page — the second edition of our storytelling guide — to read them.  Each case study looks at a nonprofit group and a foundation that supported them; among the subjects are Cornerstone Theatre and the Ford Foundation, and WITNESS and the Overbrook Foundation. The case studies cover all forms of storytelling, and a broad range of social issues.

Narativ is offering its first online storytelling workshops, thereby extending the reach of a method the group has taught to nonprofit staff, social entrepreneurs, and many others. One of the teachers, Murray Nossel, says, “Through a series of four 90-minute classes designed to teach you our method through direct, live experience you will connect with an extraordinary group of people from all over the world.”

The Communications Network has a great new website that supports its mission to “connect leaders seeking to elevate and advance the practice of communications for good.” The network’s annual conference takes place this year in Detroit, at the end of September — it’s sold out but they’re accepting names for the waitlist.

Fast Company published a practical article on data-backed strategies for writing email subject lines that actually get opened. (h/t ComNet)