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Weekly roundup: Turning stories to action

COLLABORATIVE STORYTELLING: In the Future of Storytelling video above, cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch looks at how we might return to our heritage of telling stories together. He’s a speaker at the Future of Storytelling Summit in NYC this October 7-8.

STORIES AND VACCINES: Lots of parents are opting out of getting their kids vaccinated because of bogus claims that vaccines cause autism. A piece on “frank” says, “when it comes to vaccines, a story is worth a thousand statistics.” Which works both for good and for bad!

6 WAYS TO USE EMOTION IN COMMUNICATIONS: Another piece from “frank” talks about ways to use emotions like anguish, sadness or awe in your campaigns.

STORIES > ACTION: A story from Images & Voices of Hope (IVOH) on how the Christian Science Monitor is helping readers bridge the gap between content and action — good nuts and bolts stuff about making stories actionable. And another story from the Skoll World Forum (which I found out about from IVOH) looks at “Audience Engagement — Beyond the ‘Like’ Button.”