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Weekly roundup: Art against guns, Hip-hop against smoking, etc


Jarilea Zempel responds to the gun issue through her art — wrapping guns in elastic. See images and read the story!

Filmmaker Eddie Martinez piece writes about what happens “when filmmaking unexpectedly becomes a family affair” — and sometimes he has to take off the filmmaker hat and be a friend.

National Public Radio takes a look at how the FDA is using pop culture — specifically, hip-hop — to talk to teens about smoking.

High-quality “Images of Empowerment” for use by NGOs — for free. This comes from the Communications Network e-newsletter. “The Hewlett Foundation, Getty Images Reportage, and Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing, have partnered to release over 1,000 high-quality editorial images for free NGO use. See how organizations are putting these to use herehere, and here.