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Weekly roundup: Images & Voices of Hope

At the IVOH retreat: Moderator and ivoh trustee John Yearwood (left) with speaker Melanie Green

RESTORATIVE NARRATIVE SUMMIT: The organization Images & Voices of Hope (ivoh) had its summertime Summit in upstate New York, and media and blogs from the event are now online. Check out video highlights, with a few choice quotes from speakers. Melanie Green of the University of Buffalo (pictured) says, “The big question that my research looks at … is what do stories do? One of the quotes that I’ve liked to use recently is that the answer to that question is, ‘stories make children go to sleep and soldiers go to war.’ And of course for this group, I think we need to alter the end of that: ‘stories can help people recover from war and build peace.’”  Also check out essays and blog posts that have emerged from the Summit!