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Weekly roundup: Lamppost lit, data stories, and more

Lamppost literature in New York. Back in 2011, a New York City writer posted pages of his unpublished book on lampposts around the East Village. Read about the creative publishing strategy here and here!

The Stanford Social Innovation Review looks at what the best data-driven storytellers do differently. To wit: they answer the question “So what?” They inspire people to ask more questions. And they use rigorous analysis. (Hat tip to the Communications Network for sharing this article in their email update. At the bottom of the group’s home page, sign up for their excellent email updates on nonprofit communications!)

Forbes offers seven ways communications executives can polish their writing. Among the tips: Get someone else to edit your work. Cut down your introduction. Write as if you’re speaking. (A second hat tip to the Communications Network for this piece! It’s a national network of people working in communications for foundations and nonprofits and good causes.)