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Weekly roundup: Pop culture podcast, story tips, more

POP CULTURE SALVAGE PODCAST: The funny and insightful folks at the Center for Artistic Activism have a new-ish monthly podcast called the “Pop Culture Salvage Expeditions” that looks at the most popular and highest grossing mainstream culture. “How we can use all that bad stuff for good? In each episode an an academic, an activist, and an artist from the Center for Artistic Activism will navigate through flotsam and jetsam looking for treasure, applying what we learn from pop culture to artistic activism.” Your hosts are CAA co-directors Steve Lambert and Steve Duncombe (pictured), and CAA board chair Patricia Jerido. Topics covered so far include TGI Friday’s, 50 Shades of Grey, and more!

STORY TIPS FOR PRESENTATIONS: The folks at Nuts & Bolts Speed Training for PowerPoint have a new list (also available as a PDF) called “15 Insanely Actionable Storytelling Tips for Your Next Business Presentation.” Topping the list is “Find your characters and make them the focal point of your presentation,” and later tips include “Emotionally invest your audience in the struggle (define failure of the status quo)” and “Use silence to create emphasis and draw your audience into your story.” Each tip contains steps and examples. Check it out!

“SHARE YOUR STORY” OVERLOAD: “Storytelling” has become perhaps too much of a buzzword in recent years. It seems that every organization, company, band, museum, historic site or other location wants you to tell your story” about your relationship to them. The “Tell Us Your Story” Tumblr has assembled lots of examples. “The cat food wants to hear our cat food story. The disinfectant wipes want to hear our disinfectant wipe story. Even the adult diapers want to hear our adult diaper stories,” the site’s host says. “I, for one, am fascinated by the unbridled optimism. And the possibility that maybe, just maybe, there’s an entire genre of Great American Face Wash Memoirs just waiting for the right opportunity to seize the spotlight.”