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Weekly round-up: Women peace-writers, more

CLIMATE CHANGE STORYTELLING: From the “frank” gathering on public interest communications two weeks ago, Chip Giller — the founder of Grist magazine — talks about using humor and storytelling to fight climate change. From personal experience, he realized people weren’t responding to strident, data-heavy arguments about climate change, and so he launched Grist to communicate differently on the issue.  Check out more videos of “frank” talks here, each is about 20 minutes long.

NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS — PROGRAM FOR WOMEN PEACEMAKERS, AND WOMEN PEACE-WRITERS: The Women PeaceMakers program at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice documents the stories and best practices of international women leaders who are involved in human rights and peacemaking efforts in their home countries.  The program is now accepting applications from peacemakers, and from writers who would like to document the work of those peacemakers. Deadlines are April 20 and April 24, respectively.

“DETOUR” APPS PROVIDE “LOCATION-AWARE” AUDIO WALKS: Want to experience your city in a new way? A new mobile app from Detour provides audio walks in Austin, the San Francisco Bay Area, and other locations coming soon. The site describes them this way: “Gorgeous audio walks that reveal hidden stories, people and places at every turn. Each Detour takes you at your own pace, your own schedule, alone or synced with friends. … Right now, we’re producing all the Detours ourselves but our ambition is to be an open platform where anyone can share their own vision of the world.”