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Weekly round-up: “frank” talks and more

“FRANK” TALKS NOW ONLINE: The annual “frank” gathering on public interest communications wrapped up last week, and videos of almost all of the sessions are now online. The talks are each about 20 minutes long. Above is New York Times science journalist Benedict Carey advising people to “unlearn everything you’ve learned about learning.” Sample wisdom: You learn better if you study something, say, one hour each day for 3 days, than if you study it one day for three hours. Consider the implications for social-issue communications. More videos at the above link.

LESSONS IN SOCIAL-ISSUE STORYTELLING FROM FRAMEWORKS: Read my new article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, it’s got advice from the FrameWorks Institute about storytelling — how to combine data and stories, take care when using vivid examples, and tell stories about collective (rather than individual) success.

“SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS” MEET-UP IN NYC 3/27: This intriguing meet-up happens Friday, March 27th, 7:00-10:00pm in New York. “Join storytellers, game developers, makers, creative technologists, and experience designers. An experiment in co-authorship – Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things invites participants to step into a collaborative design space.  Together participants will lay the groundwork for a storyworld … for a re-imaging of Sherlock Holmes. The year-long experiment culminates with a special presentation at Lincoln Center during the NYFF in 2015.”