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Storytelling round-up: Lynching history, abortion stigma, and more

NEW REPORT ON LYNCHING HISTORY: This week, the Equal Justice Initiative released an excellent new report documenting the 3,959 racial terror lynchings that took place between 1877 and 1950 — that’s 700 more than previously documented — and how those lynchings shaped society through today. It’s a powerful affirmation of the importance of history.

TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER: Hatch — that’s the Rockefeller Foundation’s new storytelling platform for social-change-makers — has an article on “Telling Stories that Matter” Tips include having a protagonist, not being afraid to tell stories of failure, and telling more stories about things in “mid-stream.”

STORIES TO REDUCE ABORTION STIGMA: Pacific Standard Magazine has a new story on “Can Storytelling Help Destroy Abortion Stigma?” The short answer is, maybe. When people hear personal stories about abortion experiences from people they know — it’s more likely to change minds than if they heard stories from strangers on the internet. The article presents other cautions and possibilities. (Thanks to Bruce Trachtenberg of frank for pointing me to this story.)

STORYTELLING INFOGRAPHIC:, which helps nonprofits with fundraising and communications, has created an attractive infographic on nonprofit storytelling. You can also download a short worksheet on nonprofit storytelling, which covers much the same material as the infographic.