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Read our “Storytelling Summer” series in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

staff-photo-paulThis summer, read about story strategy in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the #1 news source for the nonprofit world.

Check the Chronicle every Wednesday in July and August for a new blog post in a series called “Storytelling Summer,” in which Narrative Arts’ managing director, Paul VanDeCarr, answers nonprofits’ biggest questions about “story strategy.”

So far this month, the series has included posts on how not to bore your listeners, how to balance short- and long-term communications strategy, and how to reach new audiences.

Keep your eyes peeled to the “Storytelling Summer” page, where you’ll find new posts every Wednesday through Labor Day! You’re welcome to submit your story-strategy question to info [at] narrativearts [dot] org.

In addition, we’ll keep up the schedule of original posts every Wednesday here on the Narrative Arts blog.

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Elsewhere online, read Paul’s blog post for the Communications Network about what social-sector groups can learn about storytelling from TV’s hit show “24.”

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And you can watch video of Narrative Arts’ panel discussion on social-change storytelling at the CECP Summit on corporate philanthropy. The panel featured Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm of WITNESS, Cara Mertes of the Ford Foundation JustFilms initiative and Katy Rubin of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, and was moderated by Paul VanDeCarr of Narrative Arts.