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Nominate a great nonprofit storytelling project

Do you know of a great nonprofit story or storytelling project? Any medium, whether a one-off or an ongoing effort. The only guidelines are that it’s (a) a storytelling project (b) conducted by a nonprofit (c) as part of an effort to create social change.

Tell us about it, and the project may get profiled in a column in the digital edition of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the #1 news source for the nonprofit world. This monthly feature on the best in nonprofit storytelling starts the first Wednesday in October and is written by Narrative Arts’ managing director, Paul VanDeCarr.

Use the following web form to tell us about the project:

STORY-LISTENING BEFORE STORYTELLING: John Maeda says in the video below that leaders must first listen to stories, before telling their own. This is one in a series of videos from the Future of StoryTelling.

STORIES HEARD AND RE-TOLD: Speaking of listening to stories, consider these two projects. To celebrate Labor Day and Grandparents’ Day earlier this month, the Jobs With Justice Education Fund asked web visitors to submit stories of their grandparents’ working lives, for a website called “The Way They Worked.” You can read some of the dozens of stories they collected here. And then The Telling Project, with funding from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, has interviewed veterans and created a theater performance based on those interviews, which has now been performed dozens of times nationwide by veterans and their families. Their goal: “to enhance the connection between communities and service members and their families.”