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“frank” talk on public interest communications


“FRANK” WEBSITE LAUNCHES WITH CONTENT ON COMMS-FOR-CHANGE:frank” is a self-described “community for people who use communications to drive change.” They’ve got a newly launched website with some excellent content and, no small matter, beautiful design. Consider, for example, pieces on “Lessons from lyric writers will tune up your messages so they really sing” and the value of “shock” public-interest advertising.  Other content comes from the group’s annual gathering in its hometown of Gainesville, Florida (it’s based at the University of Florida), such as this talk by New York Times writer David Bornstein on “solutions journalism.”

RADIOLAB’S ROBERT KRULWICH ON STORYTELLING “GLUE”: Robert Krulwich, co-host of NPR’s Radiolab, wrote on the NPR blog last week about the “glue” of storytelling. He cites the mystery of an Annie Leibovitz photograph, and says it makes him want to know more. He continues: “Great radio reporters can do this too; they take you somewhere, show you some, but not all, of what they saw, and you wait, stuck in your driveway, unable to stop listening, stop imagining, until you find out what you suddenly, desperately, need to know. There’s a difference, of course. Leibovitz grabs your eyes. We grab your ears. But it’s the grab that matters. I am fascinated by storytelling glue. Anytime I see someone who’s good at it, I stop and wonder, how’d they do this? Why can’t I tear myself away? That’s what I wondered when I saw this image from sculptor.”