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Working Narratives Launches Cape Fear Rising Fund

Narrative Arts, a Wilmington-based nonprofit media arts and social justice organization, announced the Cape Fear Rising Fund.   This fund promotes racial equality and community organizing to the coastal North Carolina region.

Nick Szuberla, executive director, said “we are pooling resources from individuals, businesses, and foundations to provide critical support to low-income people organizing themselves for justice.”  Szuberla continued ‘Our goal is to provide high impact grants that support the people who are actively addressing their community’s challenges.”

Cape Fear Rising has launched with an initial pool of $10,000 in micro-grants and will open up an additional round of grants in fall of 2020 of $100,000 with the goal of expanding the fund’s impact in 2021.  The fund currently supports three areas:

  • Cultural Projects – creating a project, bringing people together, creating an art project
  • Organizing Projects – organizing a rally, meeting, convening, or public education project
  • Journalism Projects – telling a story, live streaming content, creating an investigative series

Narrative Arts is accepting applications online.  Applications will be reviewed by a panel of regional and national leaders in the arts and social justice sectors.

Narrative Arts was launched in 1995 by artists and community organizers as a social justice program.  We opened our Wilmington office in 2012 and our office in Morehead City in 2019.  Learn more about Narrative Arts at or email us at  To support the fund, contact our executive director, Nick Szuberla, at